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 If you ever Purchase Condom From a Medical Store , Pharmacy or General Store in Pakistan.what uncomfortable feeling it is During Purchasing The Condoms.How people Look at you During Purchasing Condom & you Feel awkward & Shy.& we Belive this has Direct effect on your Sex Life.CondomService.Com Solve the Issue of your Counter Purchase. Which Make you shy & Awkward.  We are Selling Condoms , Anti Pregnancy & Sex Toyr & Other things Online on Retail Price with home Delivery Service.Anti Pregnancy Medicine: Women Cant Purchase this Pills in Pakistan Directly from Medicine Because of Home Responsibilty and some womens have no permission to Go out Home for Purchasing. CondomService.com Solve the issue Of Womens. Now they can Purchase Anti Pregnancy , Pregnancy Strip , Women Condoms & Many More Things.We Know We have to Gain your Trust First. Don’t Worry About this . Condom Service always Take Responsibility of your privacy & Send you Confidential Parcel.Your Privacy is our Business & We Don’t Take Risk for Our Business.

Packaging & Shipping Policy:

Our Packaging is very Confidential & ensures that your Orders reach you in Good Condition & your Privacy is Our Responsibility.We Use a Plain Black Box for your Privacy & Our Packaging. Box Image you Can see on this Page

Condom Service

Your Name , Number , Adress & mobile Number enen all Your Providing Information given on the packaging. No one can even Judge whats in the Parcel.Our Courier Partner is Instructed to call all the Customers Before Delivery of your Confidential Parcel.



Our Shipping Partner :

Currently We Are working with Different Courier Partners in Pakistan

 Faisalabad Delivery:

Currently we are providing Great Service in Faisalabad for Our Customers. We are Giving Home Delivery in just 30-60 Minutes . Our Courier Partner will Call Customer before Delivery of Customer Parcel.This is a great Service& Getting Good Response from Our Customers. Because we never Late. If a customer wants to late his parcel we deliver their parcel on their given time.

No Extra Charges.

 For Any Query You Can Contact Us On whatsapp or Call: +923143904080 

Our Email Contact : Admin@condomservice.com



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